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Blood Bowl World Champions 2007

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 FULGINIUM BOWL 11 - 2018 march 3/4

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MessageSujet: FULGINIUM BOWL 11 - 2018 march 3/4   Mer 3 Jan - 15:49

The Fulginium Bowl is the oldest Italian 7 matches tournament (first edition was in 2008), it is much appreciated for is location as reported in a NAF article, a beautiful typical hotel restaurant in Umbria in the center of Italy, “Il Borgo dell’Ulivo” (http://borgoulivo.it), where all the players can sleep, play and taste its special dinner with over 20 course meal, (that had the certificate of excellence of “Hobbit-Advisors”) , now famous in many parts of Europe having had players from 6 different nations over the years.

During the last edition we have had players from Belgium, Germany, UK and Malta.

For those that want come with wife, girlfriend or only to have some day of relax and holiday, we are in the heart of the romanic and medieval Italy, we are about 5 km from Trevi, 15 km from Montefalco (that is famous for two Italian red wines: the "Sagrantino" and "Rosso di Montefalco", there is the possibilty to visit the farms where are produced) and Spello, 20 km from Assisi (the town of San Francesco) and Spoleto, 40 km from Perugia, 60 km from Gubbio, Todi, Other appreciated typical products of Umbria are genuine olive oil and truffles. All this in Umbria the region in the center of Italy, out of Umbria we are 150 km from Rome and 180 km from Florence.

The rulebook used is the CRP with the following exception:Inducements and special cards are not allowed. The only exception is the halfling master chef only for the halfling teams (0-1, 100k) and bribes for goblin teams (0-3, 50k each).according the new NAF tournament rules in effect from 1st august 2017 these are the varations to the rules applied to the Fulginium Bowl rulespack:1) Human catchers are 60k.2) On a sending off (a Foul or Secret Weapon), the Head Coach can Argue the Call. Roll a D6. On a 1, the Head Coach is also sent off and receives -1 to Brilliant Coaching thereafter. On a 6, the player is only sent to Reserves although a turnover still occurs.3) Halfling Treeman gain Timmmber and can receive assists to stand up. Treeman receives +1 for each assist from those non in a TZ. A 1 is still a failure.4) Special Play cards are not in use.5) Piling On is allowed and NOT require a Team Reroll to use.6) in the roster of Chaos Renegade Teams may be used the new positional: Orc Linemen.7) in the roster of Goblin Teams may be used the new positionals: Doom Diver and ‘Ooligan.

A STATEMENT IMPORTANT: you can not use the new fields of the new core box edition, the tournament takes place in a hotel-restaurant and the size of the tables do not allow the use of the new board increased in size. The organizers will provide boards of the old format for those who need them. Is instead allowed the use of new miniatures with new bases.

Magic Healing rule is applied: all the casualties inflicted during a game are regenerated for the next match.Necromantic and Undead teams that raise a Zombie, they may add it to the roster only for that match.Nurgle teams may NOT add free rotters.There is no “illegal procedure”.There is no four-minutes time limit.The duration of the match is set at 2,15 hours. After that time the referee may decide to stop the match.HOUSE RULES“Reroll dellu Centru dellu Campu”Because of its central position, in the middle of Umbria region and of Italy, Foligno, is also called “Lu Centru dellu Munnu”, which means the center of the world. No bloodbowl pitch can escape from this “rule”, so every team will have a special Team Reroll which can be used (once per half) only to reroll a legal (no armour/injury rolls and so on) event occurred on the 2 central lines of the pitch. That reroll is called “reroll dellu centru dellu campu” (reroll of the center of the pitch).

Every coach have 1.000.000 golden crowns to build his team, choosing from the 21 official races and the 3 new experimental races: Caos Renegades, Underworld Denizens, Slann (but only if the miniature are easy to recognize). Are not allowed starplayers.Skills, are 5 normal and 1 double and are so allotted: 2 normal skills and 1 double skill before the start of the first match, 2 normal skill before the start of the fourth match and 1 normal skill before the sixth match (may be double for the stunty teams). Each player can have only one additional skill. All the skill progression may be decided after that you have seen your opponent.For the stunty teams only (Halfling, Goblin, Ogre): all the normal skills can be changed into double skill, if assigned to stunty players.There are additional “bonus” skills according the Range’s Race. These “bonus” skills are assigned before the start of the first match.
• Range B: “bonus” 30K gp to spend for Team or additional skills (no increase of characteristics) – ELVEN UNION, NECROMANTIC HORROR, NORSE, HIGH ELF, HUMAN;
• Range C: “bonus” 50K gp to spend for Team or additional skills (no increase of characteristics) – BRETONNIANS, CHAOS CHOSEN, CHAOS RENEGADES, KHEMRI TOMB KINGS, KHORNE, NURGLE, SLANN, UNDERWORLD DENIZENS, VAMPIRES;
• Range D: “bonus” 80K gp to spend for Team or additional skills (no increase of characteristics) – GOBLIN, HALFLING, OGRE;

All the miniatures chosen to represent players have to be easily recognizable. A human can represent a norse, a wood elf can represent a pro elf, but an amazon can’t represent an orc…

THE TOURNAMENTThe tournament is based on the swiss system, and consist of 7 matches. There are prizes for the first ranked, second and third, top scorer, best defence, top killer (most blocking casualties), best stunty team (stunty team are considered: Halfling, Goblin, Ogre).
Note: there will be stunty team prize only if there will be at least 2 stunty teams in the tournament), best race team (Note: this prize will be awarded only if there are at least 2 teams of the same race in the tournament, example: if there are 2 nurgle teams, the prize for the best nurgle team will be awarded)

Score is so calculated;Victory 5 pointsDraw 2 pointsDefeat 0 pointsConceding -5 points (5 points to the opponent for classification)Tiebreaker:1. 50 points system (30 points +/- 10 for victory/defeat, +/- 3 points for touchdown made/suffered, +/1 point for casualty made/suffered, for a max total of 50 points and a minimum of 0 points);2. Touchdown difference;3. Casualties difference;4. Touchdowns;5. Casualties;6. Draw ;

To be named as “Sventrapapere” in the local dialect of Foligno means more or less “I do it Better!!!”. So this special prize is assigned to the coach that at the end of the tournament will have the bigger total obtained by the sum of Touchdowns and: Casualties and K.O. resulting by Blocks/Blitzs, Casualties and K.O. resulting by Fouls and by players pushed out of the pitch, (in this last case is considered valid a following results by the crowd: no injury=reserve). Are not valid Casualties and K.O. resulting by failed “dodge” o “go for it!”. In the report paper of the match, there is a specific space were to sign the “Casualties” of the “Sventrapapere”.

REGISTRATIONIt will be possible to register at the tournament until Friday 2 March 2018 (we have the possibility to give hospitality to 60 coach max) In order to registrate you need to communicate: name, NAF nick and number, team name and race, nationality. For the registration send an e-mail to this address : alecalx63@gmail.com.The cost of registration to the tournament is 20 euros for NAF members or 25 euros for non NAF members. At the moment of the registration we’ll give you a set of 5 custom dice (2d6 and 3 block dice) produced only for the Fulginium Bowl in only 60 sets, and one special reroll token (Reroll “dellu Centru dellu Campu”).

TOURNAMENT LOCATIONThe tournament will be played at the Hotel-Restaurant L’ULIVO , address via Monte Bianco 23, Matigge di Trevi (PG), Italy, tel and fax +39.0742.78969, http://www.borgoulivo.it , info@borgoulivo.itWHERE LODGINGThe Hotel-Restaurant L’ULIVO has made us a special offer for the tournament with different solution: contact directly the hotel by e-mail looking for Maurizio and use as reference Blood Bowl / Alessandro

The special offer consist of : THE NIGHT OF SATURDAY WITH BREAKFAST, SATURDAY DINNER, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY LIGHT LUNCHESThese are the price of the special offer for different solutions:• Quadruple room: 85 euros per person (each extra night with breakfast +25 euros per person);• Triple room: 90 euros per person (each extra night with breakfast +30 euros per person);• Double room: 95 euros per person (each extra night with breakfast +35 euros per person);


The nearest airport is Perugia (Sant’Egidio) which is a Ryanair hub, connected to London-Stansted and Girona.

I hope to see you ..LEONIDAINFO:(http://bbforum.info/forum/index)Sezione Tornei : Fulginium Bowl 11

FACEBOOK: Fulginium Bowl – il torneo di Blood Bowl di Foligno

00393313714334 Alessandro (nick Naf : LEONIDA)Mail: alecalx63@gmail.com

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Nombre de messages : 10
Date d'inscription : 21/10/2012

MessageSujet: Re: FULGINIUM BOWL 11 - 2018 march 3/4   Sam 13 Jan - 16:23

Hello guys, these are the previews of the plate of the third place and some of the prize offered by our sponsors for the raffle to rewards as many player as possible. A case of KR and a team of Atlas Miniatures and one of Gaspez Arts. We hope many of you will come, and we are happy to have the first reservation of foreign players, 10 players from Malta, great!!!


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FULGINIUM BOWL 11 - 2018 march 3/4
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